State Autonomous Healthcare Institution Bryansk Clinical and Diagnostic Center is a second level medical organization that provides specialized and highly qualified medical care. Many diagnostic studies and treatment procedures are held in the center.

Bryansk Clinical and Diagnostic Center belongs to the category of «B» group centers, it is a collective member of the International Association of Diagnostic Centers (IADC). Medical care is provided in accordance with the license No. LO-32-01-001648 dated April 15, 2019.

Bryansk Clinical and Diagnostic Center is designed for 650 visits per shift. The center includes: x-ray diagnostic department, department of radionuclide diagnostics, day hospital, therapist's office, outpatient surgery center, polyclinic department, endoscopic department, ultrasound and functional diagnostics department, physiotherapy department, endocrinology department, medical and genetic consultation, clinical and diagnostic laboratory, allergo-immunological department, laser ophthalmology center, men's health center.

About 230 thousand consultations in a clinical specialty are held in Bryansk Clinical and Diagnostic Center annually. More than 2400 patients receive specialized care in the day hospital for 83 places in the following profiles: neurological, therapeutic, cardiological, surgical, allergo-immunological, nephrological, gynecological.

The Head Physician, Candidate of Biological Sciences

A. V. Silenok


Bezhitskaya street, 2, Bryansk city, Bryansk region, 241050

E-mail addresses


tel +7 (4832) 42-80-80

Chief of the Bryansk Clinical and Diagnostic center

Silenok Alexander Vasil’evich

tel +7 (4832) 71-51-21